vanilla cake w/mascarpone whipped cream

wow it's been entirely too long since i've written in my little piece of the internet

feels good to be back

real good

I recently wrote a post for uniquely woman's blog bidding farewell to summer with this cheerful little cake you see pictured here

naturally, we are well into october, and I'm just now sharing this with you

how is it that I always feel about 1 month behind?

I guess at some point we just have to accept that certain things about ourselves will never change

all i know, is that this cake is perfect

seasonal or not, it's everything you've ever wanted

not overdone

simple + light but still decadent

you can easily nix the berries and get pumpkin into the mix if need be

maybe throw a little pumpkin puree in the whipped cream?

incorporate some nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon into the cake batter

oh yeah, speaking my language 

...which would make sense because i'm the one typing

if you're interested in the recipe, find it right HERE


XX amy