nutrition therapy

nutrition therapy involves processing thoughts related to food, nutrition, eating, and weight. in first session, we'll take a look at your history with food, current struggles with eating behaviors, body image, mental health, and medical conditions. i'm happy to teach you the science behind nutrition, metabolism, and appetite but more importantly, we'll work together to discover the cover beliefs and values affecting your relationship with health, food, and weight. keep in mind, nutrition therapy is completely individualized because you, my friend, are one of a kind.


nutrition // body image groups

a little bit of magic happens when struggling individuals get together and talk about their experiences. there’s power in not feeling so alone in all of it, learning and connecting with peers in conjunction with a clinician-led conversation.


culinary workshops + food photography

cooking can be a beautiful intersection of self-care, balancing act of present-focused awareness + big-picture thinking, creativity, and connection. my hope is to bring individuals together to learn and grow culinary skills - basic or complex while keeping nutritional needs in mind. open to providing one-on-one cooking exposure, group workshops, and photography.