$150 - $200 per trip

oh, grocery shopping! i personally enjoy a trip to the grocery store but know for many of you this particular trip can be stressful and overwhelming. if you're struggling with overcoming an eating disorder, this can be stressful and overwhelming x 10. instead of avoiding this daunting task, let me help you normalize + incorporate it back into your life again. it may help to have me tag along and give a few pointers or  help manage your time label reading and overcome your fears about food. either way, I would love to be there to support you in your goals towards a better relationship with food.


$100 - $150 per trip

eating out is pretty common in our culture whether it's a quick stop for fast food on a busy day, meeting a friend for coffee and dessert, or a fancy date night. all of which can be overwhelming if you're struggling with your eating behaviors. perhaps you have a hard time pacing yourself appropriately and end up overeating or bingeing. maybe you've become so rigid around food that you can't eat it if you aren't completely sure how it's been prepared. i want to get out there in the trenches with you and support you in learning how to normalize eating out again. also, this can be a great way to give me some insight into what is actually going on during the eating process for you.


$50 per week

having trouble finding some time to plan out meals in advance? you're not alone. SO many individuals have a hard time with this task. let me help by planning out your meals for a week and preparing a grocery list for you.